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About Me

I didn’t plan on being a coach.

It somewhat happened.
All I did know is I love to help people.

More about my background

That’s how I fell into the NHS and liked it.

Yet in 2021, when my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I realised how sacred life is.

It made me question how I was living and if it was really the life I wanted to build for the future.

Maybe there was something more to life.

I began reading, studying, and listening to numerous podcasts.

I started listening to Steven Bartlett podcast The Diary Of A CEO, and one of his earlier guests, Jordan Peterson, a Canadian Clinical Psychologist, talked about How do you build self-awareness? & How To Become The Person You’ve Always Wanted To Be?

Following this I researched any career that prioritised helping others and quickly fell into the world of coaching.

In 2022, I added to my coaching qualifications by becoming an ICF approved Coach, bringing a credible and structured framework to my coaching approach when working with individuals.


This coupled with my experience in supporting small businesses from start-up / launch and attracting investment led me to coaching a wide range of clients.

I'm a positive, easy-going coach with an informal, yet professional manner.


I guide, support and challenge clients to achieve their goals and work best with clients who are serious about making a change to their careers and pursuing a life worth living.

6 Facts About Me

  • I’m a foodie. I eat pretty much anything, except coriander. Yes, I’ve got the weird ‘soap’ gene.

  • I once trialled with the England Karate Squad & Short Mat Bowls Team. Granted two very different disciplines!

  • I’m an avid lover of Sport, following Chelsea FC, Essex and England Cricket Team and often attempt to ‘play’ golf. I use the term loosely as I’m not the best!

  • I love animals especially dogs. Hopefully in the next couple of years I’ll get my dream dog which is a Red Fox Lab, but don’t tell my partner as she wants a Choccy Lab!

  • The one thing I enjoy most is taking long walks with friends and family with a pub lunch at the end.

  • I’m a secret Nerd, I love Lord of the Rings, Game of thrones and anything related to gaming.


Michael is a brilliant coach. He holds space and asks insightful questions that bring about understanding in a gentle, and yet, transformative way. You never feel judged by Michael in coaching session – he is fully accepting of whatever it is you are arriving to the session with.


Many coaches, mentors and teachers have an understanding of how the brain works, and the knowledge about change and how it comes about. Listening, understanding and coaching involve skills that Michael has in abundance. But what he has goes beyond that: he asks questions that make you see insights, see yourself, in ways that previously you could not see. Doing this without judgement, and without leading, is truly transformative. It is more than a skill to do this well – it is talent.


To be told something, and to know it cognitively is one thing: what coaching with Michael will give you is insight that skyrockets your progress. He will help you realise where you want to go, and that you can get there with mindset shift that you did not see coming, and could not have found on your own.  

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